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One of the most common questions from ice cream business owners at the beginning of each year is... "What should I be doing to get ready for the season?"

In this course, we countdown some of the most important steps and practices to ensure a smooth and successful season opener. From your legal and technical updates, your equipment audits, employee issues and everything in between.

Join us in the content to ensure the most successful start to your ice cream or frozen dessert season season.

Steve Christensen
Steve Christensen
Headmaster - Scoop School

Stephen Christensen, best selling author and retail ice cream expert, has become an authoritative voice and thought leader in the frozen dessert community both in the United States & internationally.

After opening and operating a chain of frozen custard stores in his native Australia, Steve was invited by a major equipment manufacturer to the US, & moved to the United States with his family in 2004.

Since then Steve has taught over 10,000 new and existing store owners the art of retail ice cream and frozen desserts, both in theory and in a hands on environment. In fact, Steve has had a hand in opening more than 600 ice cream and frozen dessert retail locations and has worked with such chains as Costco, Whole Foods, Sandals Resorts, Rita's Water Ice, Hollywood Casinos and many more on training and/or developing their frozen dessert programs.

To read Steve's full Bio & for more information on live classes, consulting & just about anything else on the ice cream and frozen dessert business, click HERE

Course Curriculum

1. Legal and Technical
1. Video - Legal and Technical
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4. Food Costing and Pricing
4. Food Cost and Pricing
PDF Food Cost and Pricing
Excel Spreadsheet on Food Costing
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6. Employee Audits and Meetings
Video- Employee Audits and Pre Launch Meetings
Slide Deck - Employee Audits and Pre Launch Meetings
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9. Sensory Audits of your Business
Video - Conducting a sensory audit of your business
Slides - Ice Cream Store Sensory Audit
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